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A small white dog with their fur tied in a ponytail, laying in their owner's suitcase while the owner packs for vacation.

Planning a vacation can be exciting, but for dog owners, the dilemma of bringing your furry friend along or finding a suitable place for them to stay can be stressful. Our dogs are our family, and it only makes sense that we want them to join us wherever we go! But while the idea of vacationing with your dog sounds wonderful, it's not always practical or enjoyable for you or your pup. Below, we'll explore why boarding may be the best option for you and your pup when you're away.

Drawbacks of Bringing Your Dog on Vacation

Traveling with pets can be challenging, with numerous restrictions and potential stressors for both you and your dog. Taking your dog on vacation is more than just them coming along – it can include:

  • Gathering copies of their medical information (and, in some cases, submitting them for priorapproval)
  • Traveling with them (including arriving early to the airport or adding extra time for bathroom breaks on the drive)
  • Ensuring they can stick to their usual diet on vacation
  • Finding dog-friendly travel methods and activities
  • Accounting for extra fees if your dog has an accident or is disruptive due to being stressed in your accommodations

Additionally, even if your accommodations are dog-friendly, your dog likely can’t get the proper amount of enrichment and exercise – especially if they need to stay in the room alone for certain outings. As disappointing as it might be, sometimes, bringing your dog on a vacation can add more stress for everyone involved – especially your fur baby. Given these considerations, boarding your dog at a professional facility focused on their physical and emotional well-being ensures they stay safe, enriched, and receive the best care. 

Why Boarding Your Dog is a Great Choice

Boarding your dog offers a multitude of benefits that ensure peace of mind for you and a joyous time for your pup. When you board your dog at a reputable, dog-focused facility, they aren’t confined to a hotel room or overwhelming activities – they’ll have the space to play, socialize, and snooze to their heart’s content!

Choosing where to board your dog is a very significant decision. At Room for Paws, our mission is to provide a luxury retreat for your furry friend, where they can enjoy pampering, play, and relaxation, all under the expert care of our loving staff. When you board your dog with us, you're not just giving them a place to sleep – you're giving them their very own resort stay at Connecticut’s first all-suite boarding facility.

Give Your Dog Their Own Vacation at Room for Paws Pet Resort

If you're looking for an unparalleled boarding experience for your pup, look no further than Room for Paws Pet Resort. Located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, our facility is designed with your dog's needs in mind. As a local family business (and dog parents ourselves), we understand the trust you place in us to care for your furry family member. We treat every dog guest as our own and we are backed by the proper licenses and certifications to maintain the highest standard of care for your pup.

During their stay, your pup will enjoy amenities including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Kuranda™ beds in every suite
  • Nightly bedtime stories (and belly rubs!)
  • 4 spacious climate-controlled indoor play yards 
  • Fresh water from our reverse-osmosis water filtration system
  • Agility equipment in every play yard
  • 3 spacious fenced outdoor play yards (featuring K9 Grass™)
  • Outdoor dog pools 

Additionally, we offer add-on options such as sheepskin bedding, organic food toppers, enrichment puzzles, extra treats, and filled KONGs to add an even more fun and customized approach to their stay. We also offer more structured opportunities for enrichment, such as our curated nature hikes and obedience training.

At Room for Paws, our focus is not just on providing a place for your dog to stay, but on creating an environment where they can thrive. With our professional staff dedicated to their well-being and a range of activities to suit every personality, your dog will enjoy a vacation as great as yours.

Getting your dog signed up for their stay is easy – fill out a contact formcall usemail us, or use the chat box on any page of our website.

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