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Our Story & Mission

At Room For Paws Pet Resort, our family mission began as a vision to provide a safe, environmentally healthy, and nurturing facility where we could enhance the quality of life of our pets and their families.

Through providing a robust, customized, educational, and enriching experience for our furry guests, we also provide the much needed peace of mind to our pet parents, so that they can enjoy their time away and their lives together when reunited.

Every single Room For Paws furry guest is treated like a member of our own family.

One of the lessons we've learned during this past year of COVID-19 is the importance of fostering relationships and of community engagement. Our mission continues as we collectively work towards serving and building our local community, four paws at a time.

Mitch & Carmela, Owners, with Logan the RFP Spokesdog & Greeter

Our Story

Room for Paws is a passion project that has been in the works for 10 years. It all started when we adopted our first family dog Bayley, the labradoodle.

We fell in love with our girl‘s temperament and intelligence and decided to breed her. 59 days later, we had a litter of 11 beautiful puppies that we helped to whelp, feed, and care for, for 8 weeks.

It was a magical yet challenging experience, indeed. But what we didn't know was that by caring for and sharing our adorable labradoodle puppies, we would be establishing a community of human family, friends and neighbors who also shared in this beautiful experience.

Starting with our children's friend's who organically socialized the puppies on their playdates, to local shopkeepers who donated old newspapers to help keep the expansive nursery pristine, to families who went on to adopt 9 of the babies... precious pups!

It was difficult to keep just one of the babies, so we decided to keep both a boy and a girl, Terrence and Daisy. All 3 dogs were very significant members of our family.

But every lovely story inevitably has a dilemma. For us it was: how do we care for our large furry family when we are away from home?

After experiencing other facilities and individual caregivers with the best of intentions, we found ourselves avoiding vacations or any time away from home. But the turning point came when we were actually forced to move out of our home for an extended period to repair considerable damage from a winter storm. That's when it became clear to us that we needed to embark on this journey to build our dream facility with a dream team and the mission of caring for all of our furry friends as we would members of our own family.


Room For Paws Pet Resort is the fruition of our collective pet care experiences. And we warmly welcome you to our site and to our state-of-the-art facility, 10 years in the making. We put love, impeccable care, and a science-based approach for the fun, safety and wellbeing of our guests, always guided by our mission.

Logan, RFP Spokesdog

Summer of 2020, we welcomed our newest family dog, Logan! Logan is a mini Sheepadoodle who has brought great joy and inspiration into our lives. He graciously accepts the position of spokesdog for Room for Paws Pet Resort and kindly allows us to use his image on our logo and branding materials. He will be here at 72 Camp Ave. to welcome our guests and to join us in making them feel like they're at their home away from home. Follow Logan on Instagram.

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