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Two gooldendoodle dogs, Tucker and Bowie, having fun on a hike
Esteemed guests Tucker and Bowie having fun on a hike

As the winter chill sets in, finding the motivation to step outside can be tough, especially when the cozy indoors beckons. However, it's crucial to remember that our furry friends need their dose of outdoor adventure, regardless of the season. Even in colder weather, regular outdoor activities play a vital role in maintaining a dog's physical and mental health. Ensuring they get enough exercise and stimulation through activities like nature hikes is not just a treat for them, but an important part of their balanced routine. One of the best ways to exercise and enrich your pup is with hiking, which is a natural complement and balance to their joyful play, exercise, and daycare. Below, we'll go over some of the benefits of hiking, and how we at Room for Paws Pet Resort are changing the game with our new service.

Benefits of Hiking For Dogs

Nature hikes are an immersive experience that provides numerous benefits for your dog. To start, hiking provides a level of muscle stimulation that complements the stimulation they get throughout their day with indoor play. Additionally, venturing into the great outdoors with your furry friend also energizes their day and taps into their natural instincts to fully engage their five senses in new ways. Some additional key benefits that hiking has for your dog include:

  • Muscle activation
  • Mental stimulation
  • Enhanced socialization
  • Natural instinct fulfillment
  • Stress relief
  • Improved agility and coordination

Outside of the specifics, hiking balances the benefits of regular exercise and daycare, including being a great way to burn some of your pup's energy!

Hike For Paws: A Tailored Hiking Experience for Every Pup

At Room for Paws, we always strive to bring the highest quality services to our esteemed guests, which is why we're incredibly proud to announce our new program: Hike For Paws!

Our new program comes after months of careful planning with your pups in mind. Our Hike For Paws program ensures your pup gets a balanced day, and complements our top-of-the-line daycare and boarding services.

Our Hike For Paws program is exclusively for our daycare and boarding guests. We leave right from our facility, which minimizes travel time (crucial for pups who might get anxious during long car rides) and provides a routine for our pups. With a promise of no more than 15 minutes in the car each way, dogs can quickly get to enjoying their adventure.

Our experienced team members drive the dogs in a secure, safe van, ensuring every journey is as comfortable as the hike itself. We then guide the pups on a leashed hike (a crucial feature), with a buddy system in place, ensuring every dog gets the right amount of supervision and camaraderie on their hike. These curated small groups for nature hikes ensure personalized attention and a safer environment for each pup.

The Room For Paws Difference

At Room For Paws, we truly love dogs and strive to balance outdoor fun with indoor play. After the hike, pups can wind down before reengaging with their furry daycare friends in our expansive facility, featuring agility equipment in every room. The indoor portion of our facility features coated rubber floors, making it safe and gentle for energetic puppies or reserved elder pups. In addition to our climate-controlled indoor area, we have outdoor areas that feature K9Grass™ and outdoor play equipment specifically designed for dogs. By offering our Hike For Paws program in addition to options like our micro-group Clever Canine, solo, and small group programs, training services, and our grooming spa, we provide a well-rounded, balanced, and engaging daycare and luxury lodging experience to keep your pup happy and healthy. From using soothing Fear Free™ colors throughout our facility, to prioritizing a balanced and engaging day, to agility equipment made specifically for dogs, we mean it when we say that every aspect of our facility and our programs are designed with your dog's well-being in mind.

With our expert team, state-of-the-art facility, and a promise of adventure, your dog is in for the time of their life. Why wait? It's time to give your dog the adventure they deserve. To get your dog signed up for a truly unparalleled hiking experience they'll love, call us at 203-459-0002email us, or use the chat box on any page of our website. 

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