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Welcome to Our Luxurious Veterinarian Recommended Pet Paradise Serving Wilton, CT 

At Room For Paws Pet Resort, we've dedicated ourselves to not only meeting but surpassing the expectations of devoted pet parents looking for luxury dog boarding and doggie daycare services in the Wilton, CT area. Our tailor-made services envelop your beloved dogs in a cocoon of safety, playfulness, and serenity while you're away. 

A Home Away From Home with Luxurious Dog Boarding 

Sometimes life calls us into obligations and adventures where our four-legged friends can't accompany us. But worry not, as our luxurious dog boarding facilities serving Wilton, CT provide a splendid home away from home for your pups. Amidst the comfy Kuranda ™ beds, roomy lodgings, and a pristine and modern ambiance that radiates warmth and safety, your pets will enjoy a vacation of their own. 

Our state-of-the-art facilities aren’t just a mere shelter but a playful utopia where your dogs can romp around, making new friends under the watchful eyes of our highly-trained pet care professionals.  

Unleashing Fun with Professional Pet Care 

While ensuring seamless joy, the health and safety of your dogs remain our top concern. Our team isn’t just passionate about animals; they're certified professionals versed in pet care industry standards, adept at creating a seamless environment where your pets can safely explore, play, and relax. Navigating through vibrant playgroups, each pet is given individualized attention and care, with activities curated to their liking.  

And speaking of care, our commitment doesn’t waver when it comes to cleanliness. Deploying veterinarian hospital-grade sanitization protocols, our facility is routinely cleaned and disinfected, ensuring a hygienic, safe environment that fosters your pet’s wellbeing. 

Joyful Experiences in Every Stay 

Your pet’s journey here isn’t just a stay. It’s an unparalleled experience where they’ll bask in an array of offerings, from daycare to soothing spa-style grooming, all intended to provide meticulous care. Within our walls, every playful jump is encouraged, and every nap is restful. And you wont find gravel, scat, ticks, or poisonous plants in our pristine K9 Grass™ covered outside yard. They are sanitized daily and no one except our furry guest and their professional caregivers step inside.

Being affiliated with and certified by the pet care industry's leading organizations, we strive to offer nothing but the highest quality care for your pup. Our devotion doesn’t merely lie in our luxurious offerings but radiates through our continual commitment to providing an environment where your pet doesn’t just stay – they thrive. 

If you’re looking for luxury dog boarding and a pet resort daycare in Wilton, CT area, look no further than our family owned and operated business. Reach out at your convenience for more information.  

We're certified by and affiliated with the pet care industry's leading organizations to provide the highest quality care for your dog. View Credentials
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