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High-Quality Dog Boarding and Doggy Daycare Services for Westport, Connecticut

Welcome to Room for Paws Pet Resort – where dog boarding and doggy daycare meet art, luxury, and an unparalleled love for dogs.

Our Stamford, Connecticut facility offers dog boarding, training services, customized doggy daycare, and a range of additional services. We have the highest level of care and safety for our furry guests, offering luxury dog boarding and doggy daycare services that are second to none in Fairfield County.

Our Safety-Focused, Vet-Recommended Facility

At Room for Paws, we have set new standards in pet care facilities with our 15,000 sq foot indoor and outdoor space. We offer an all-encompassing, climate-controlled, and meticulously maintained environment. With our indoor play yards, filtered water systems, and K9 Grass™-enhanced outdoor play yard, we ensure an experience that is not just fun, but safe and clean as well. The outdoor area also features playground and agility equipment, and pools that are cleaned multiple times daily, ensuring a refreshing and entertaining time for our guests.

Our facility has soothing Fear Free™ colors and is thoroughly cleaned daily for unprecedented sanitation.

As a local family business (a rarity in today’s sea of one-size-fits-all chains), we recognize that every pup has unique needs and take the time to cater to them. Plus, being dog lovers ourselves, we always go the extra mile to ensure each of our guests has the best time possible. We have named all rooms after our own dogs to give them a personal touch and make them feel at home. So whether your pup is playing in Logan's Run or snoozing in Bayley’s Suites, we ensure comfort, safety, and luxury like no other facility.

The First All-Suite Boarding Facility in Fairfield County

We're not just a local dog boarding facility; we're the first all-suite boarding facility in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Every one of our suites are constructed with custom-made USA tempered glass and high-quality aluminum, designed to provide comfort and security. Our boarding services are highly customized to cater to every dog's unique needs.

Our suites feature Kuranda™ beds, and on top of playing soft, soothing music each night, we have many add-on options to make your pups stay perfect, such as:

  • Your Choice of Filled Kongs
  • Enrichment Puzzles
  • Organic Toppers For Food
  • Sheepskin Bedding
  • Bedtime Belly Rubs
  • Bedtime Stories

Premium Doggy Daycare Services

Our doggy daycare services offer both full-day and half-day doggy daycare options. Our days are chock-full of play, offering ample opportunities for socializing and exercise. For our doggy daycare and boarding services, we offer a free Discovery Day, where we assess your dog's temperament and play style. We host a variety of breeds, such as mini Labradoodles, Golden Retrievers, Frenchies, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, ensuring your pup finds their perfectly matched playmate.

Our doggy daycare services include indoor and outdoor play and enrichment activities. In addition to this, we offer our Clever Canine program. If your dog prefers one-on-one enrichment with a human, we offer the Clever Canine Solo program. For our shy guests, we have Clever Canine Small Group with a smaller play group size. Each dog is treated as an individual, and their daily schedule is customized based on age, group, and needs.

Contact Us for a Customized Stay

No matter the service, Room for Paws Pet Resort is the premier choice for luxurious and convenient dog care in the heart of Fairfield County, Connecticut. We pride ourselves on being the comprehensive solution for all your dog's needs; we offer our appointment-only valet services at a flat-rate fee (subject to availability) and our professional grooming and training services as a single service or an add-on for boarding or doggy daycare.

At Room for Paws, we're dedicated to accommodating your and your pup's dynamic lifestyle. We are open 365 days a year from 7 AM - 7 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 5:30 PM on weekends. As an additional accommodation, we offer by-appointment early drop-offs and late pick-ups for just a small fee. So, whether you're catching an early flight or have to stay late at work, your pup will be in great hands.

To begin booking or ask any questions, please call us, email us, or start a conversation with one of our reservation team members using our chat box. You can also stop by and visit our reception gallery, which is open Monday to Friday during usual business hours, with a brief break from 12 noon to 2 PM daily. On weekends, our reception gallery is open for the full duration of our business hours.

Not only can you watch some pups play, but you will be greeted by our Spokesdogs Logan and Lucy, and you can take a moment to enjoy the pet portraits created by our talented founder, who is a dog lover, artist, and member of the Westport Artist Collective.

We're certified by and affiliated with the pet care industry's leading organizations to provide the highest quality care for your dog. View Credentials
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